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Rosewood Little Dix Bay Resort

The sophisticated and luxurious Little Dix Bay Resort provides a simply stunning environment for a Virgin Gorda destination wedding, with luscious grounds and premier beachfront access. The resort offers two different wedding packages for couples. Island Oasis runs at $1,500 and includes help and transportation in retrieving your wedding license, the aid of a wedding coordinator, marriage license and certificate, officiant, witnesses, and flowers for the bride and groom. The second option, Island Breeze, covers everything in the first package with the luxurious additions of a couples’ massage, manicure and pedicure, an hour-long body scrub, and a photographer for 2 hours. The resort offers other romantic services for additional fees. The friendly staff at Little Dix Bay works closely with you to ensure that every detail of your dream wedding is realized!

Guests attending your ceremony choose between a variety of room styles to fit different needs and budgets, including beautiful ocean-view rooms, cottages, suites, and large beach houses. Entertainment includes fine dining, a beautiful spa, water sports, and easily arranged activities and tours across the island. Let the experienced staff at the Little Dix Bay Resort handle all of your wedding needs, and enjoy the tranquil scenery of Virgin Gorda unburdened by wedding stress!

To book a room visit: Rosewood Little Dix Bay Resort


P.O. Box 70
Virgin Gorda, BVI VG 1150

Telephone: (284) 495-5555
Fax: (284) 495-5661


While Virgin Gorda may not contain the glitz, glamour, and excitement of some of the other famous Caribbean beaches, it offers a few important things in exchange – quiet, small, and undeveloped shores that let the natural beauty of the Caribbean shine. For couples that always imagined a tranquil beach wedding, and perhaps even dreamed of a completely isolated spot, Virgin Gorda offers a haven of soft white sands, lush surrounding foliage, and of course clear waters that fade from brilliant blue to soothing green. A multitude of beaches await your exploration, some flat and sandy, some rocky shores with dramatic landscapes of massive limestone boulders. All stay open to the public, and any one of the Virgin Gorda beaches creates a dream backdrop for wedding photographs, as well as providing a wonderful private place to exchange vows.

Of course, these relatively empty beaches mean a bit more work for the couple. While a few locations remain easily accessible by road or hotel, others sit further off the beaten path and require some effort to reach. Few contain bars, snack stands, or even bathrooms, and a large beach wedding might require some careful planning. Checking into a nearby beachfront hotel presents one solution – couples can take advantage of the nearby facilities, but still use the tranquil spots nearby. Some of the Virgin Gorda beaches may best suit small weddings, possibly just the two of you to minimize any hassle. A wedding planner, either independent or from a hotel, can help navigate the difficulties of arranging any necessary supplies. When the work is done, however, you’ll be rewarded with a unique and truly stunning beach setting, perfect for your Virgin Gorda destination wedding.

Savannah Bay

A quiet and secluded bay on the northwestern end of Virgin Gorda, Savannah offers the signature baby-powder-soft white sand shores of the tropical islands, with calm blue waters that stretch as far as the eye can see. Rolling hills rise from behind the sand, their vibrant green a lovely contrast to the pale sand beneath your feet. Completely undeveloped and one of the true beach gems of the Caribbean, here there are no snack stands, hotels, lawn chairs, or high-rise hotels clutter the landscape.

Tranquil and usually containing few people, Savannah Bay is the epitome of a secluded Virgin Gorda destination wedding location. Exchange vows in the warm sunshine with your entire wedding party, or enjoy an intimate ceremony with just the two of you. The few people who dot the sand shores typically come for the excellent snorkeling or the peaceful atmosphere, but you should have no problem finding a quiet little corner all to yourself!

Mahoe Bay

Peaceful Mahoe Bay offers yet another beautiful location for your Virgin Gorda destination wedding. A few villas dot the surrounding hillside, so expect to see some other people enjoying the sun, waves, and excellent snorkeling in the nearby shallow reefs. Despite this, the beach remains quiet and un-crowded, great for a private ceremony away from prying eyes. The soft white sand underfoot combined with the gentle rush of the azure waves remind couples that they are marrying in paradise. For an extra-romantic touch, wait until sunset to hold your ceremony – Mahoe Bay faces westward, and the glorious colors enhance any wedding experience.

The Baths National Park

One of the most popular sites in Virgin Gorda, the famous Baths offer unique scenery unlike anything else on the island. Huge granite boulders lie scattered throughout the clear blue water, creating a maze-like effect with hidden caves and grottos for visitors to wander or snorkel through. The sheer size of the rocks, and their haphazard layout, creates a dramatically stunning effect that draws people not only from Virgin Gorda, but also from Tortola and nearby cruise ships. Both locals and tourists flock to this particular location, so don’t expect to find The Baths isolated or quiet. Bathrooms, showers, lockers, and even some souvenir and food stands sit near the entrance to keep the crowds comfortable and add to the convenience of the location. The Baths rest on the southwestern side of the island, and belong to the British Virgin Island National Parks Trust. The location provides an extremely unique backdrop for a small wedding ceremony, as long as you can handle the potential tourist crowds!

Website: The Baths National Park

Spring Bay National Park

Only moments away from the Baths lies beautiful Spring Bay Beach, with a coastline edged in huge dramatic boulders and a soft golden stretch of sand. Far from a traditional beachscape, the rocks on the shore and in the water create uniquely different wedding photo opportunities, as well as some of the most beautiful scenery on Virgin Gorda. Couples find picnic tables and grills under convenient shady palm trees for a casual reception, and the bay stays easily accessible with a nearby road and its own parking lot. A few vacation homes and villas rest further back from the shore, but the beach typically stays quiet and fairly isolated, enjoyable for a destination wedding of any size. Return to this stunning spot for your honeymoon, and enjoy snorkeling, leaping from the rocks into the cool blue water, and exploring the unique coastline.

Website: Spring Bay National Park

Long Bay

Located on the northern side of the island, couples access beautiful Long Bay Beach from a bumpy and steep road. This location best suits intimate ceremonies, as reaching it might prove difficult for larger wedding parties. The stretch of white sand shore and isolation make the trip well worth it if you crave privacy – often, couples find only a few or absolutely no other visitors to share the lovely beach with. The calm blue waters and soft white sand together create a wonderful island paradise, in a spot where time slows down and stress seems to fall away – there’s nothing else to do here but to listen to the gentle lap of the waves and soak up the sun.

Long Bay contains absolutely no facilities, so come prepared with anything you might need for a destination wedding ceremony. This western-facing beach also appears exceptionally gorgeous during sunsets, ideal for a few perfect romantic moments with your beloved.

Big Trunk Bay and Little Trunk Bay

Located on the western side of Virgin Gorda and accessible by a short path from Spring Bay, Trunk Bay (divided into the Big Trunk Bay and Little Trunk Bay beaches) offers a long, flat strip of sand and a lovely secluded beauty all of its own. A shady line of trees and shrubbery sits behind the shore, but this bay features no amenities – not even picnic tables or bathrooms, so come fully prepared with whatever you might need for a wedding ceremony.

The path connecting Spring Bay and Trunk Bay is fairly short, but does require some on-foot moving, so consider the members of your wedding party before choosing this beach as your location. It may work best for small ceremonies, just the two of you and the gentle sound of the warm Caribbean waters.

Little Dix Bay

Home to the Rosewood Little Dix Bay Resort, this small yet lovely beach on the northern side of the island makes a perfect retreat for a Virgin Gorda destination wedding. Conveniently accessible from the hotel, the half-moon of soft white sand alongside the calm blue waters draws the eye, while the ambiance and relaxed atmosphere welcomes swimming, tanning, snorkeling, and especially weddings. The curve of the shore extends out into the water, creating two “arms” that keep the bay calm and protected, an ideal Caribbean backdrop for photos and exchanging vows. It’s advisable to simply book through the hotel and take advantage of their nearby services and facilities, although the beaches of Virgin Gorda remain open to the public up to the high water mark. You may encounter some resort traffic during your event, but for the most part, Little Dix Bay stays relaxed, quiet, and tranquil.

Pond Bay

Actually an eastward-lying extension of Savannah Bay, Pond Bay remains equally quiet and isolated, with no development along its pristine white sand shores. You may encounter a few people swimming or tanning, but far from the traffic of the high-rise beaches on some of the other Caribbean islands. Enjoy holding a beautiful beach ceremony right on the white sand shore, with wonderful views of the blue Caribbean in front of you and the rolling green hills of Virgin Gorda behind.


Church Of God (Holiness)
North Sound Virgin Gorda
Telephone: (284) 495-7505

Virgin Gorda Manse
Telephone: (284) 495-5248

Seventh Day Adventist Church
The Valley, Virgin Gorda
Telephone: (284) 495-6901

St Mary's Anglican Church
PO Box 65, The Valley, Virgin Gorda
Telephone: (284) 495-5769

St. Ursula's Catholic Church
The Valley, Virgin Gorda
Telephone: (284) 494-2690

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
The Valley, Virgin Gorda
Telephone: (284) 495-5287

The Valley Methodist Church
The Valley, Virgin Gorda
Telephone: (284) 495-5693


Many couples automatically consider villa rentals for an island honeymoon, largely due to the increased levels of privacy, room, and intimacy. But why not consider holding your wedding ceremony and reception at one, as well? With many Virgin Gorda villas rentals located in the island’s most beautiful bays, including Mahoe, Little Dix, and even near the famous Baths, finding a spot with breathtaking views proves relatively easy. Not only do the lovely beaches make ideal ceremony locations, but the villas themselves often feature stunning decks, pools, patios, landscaping, and other lush areas perfect for exchanging vows (not to mention plenty of room to spread out throughout the house.) And once your wedding begins, there’s no issue of dealing with groups of other vacationers gaping at your ceremony, or wandering too close to the proceedings – you get all the peace, quiet, and privacy you need for the perfect destination wedding ceremony. Rent a giant multi-bedroom villa and bring your family and friends, or hold an intimate celebration with just the two of you – it’s that simple, and a villa wedding truly reflects the quiet, uncomplicated lifestyle of Virgin Gorda.

While some villas come fully prepared to host weddings, complete with chefs, maids, and other staff to help with the proceedings, others might require the aid of a wedding coordinator to pull things together and bring in the necessary help. However, once the planning finishes and you see your beach villa decorated, lit up, and full of friends and family, you’ll wonder why you ever even considered a different setting for your Virgin Gorda wedding.

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