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Virgin Gorda Weddings

Quiet, unspoiled, and full of stunning natural scenery, Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands offers beautiful locations for a destination wedding ceremony. Only a few miles from Tortola, but with an even smaller population and less development, Virgin Gorda draws couples with a taste for the beautiful, the simplistic, and the intimate. This island features none of the glitz and glam of casinos, high-rise hotels, or busy shopping centers - rather, the focus here lies in embracing the beautiful beaches, the dramatic hilly terrain, and an uncomplicated lifestyle that leaves the modern world far behind and forgotten. For couples that want a private wedding ceremony in a pristine setting, Virgin Gorda offers limitless opportunities.

For a classic beach ceremony, head straight to a world-renowned spot such as Savannah Bay, Mahoe Bay, or Trunk Bay, all with picture perfect white sand shores and crystal-clear waters. Aside from the occasional villa or nearby small hotel, the traffic on these beaches stays fairly low despite their stunning visual appeal. Lucky couples may even find a stretch of sand entirely to themselves, perfect for that intimate and private ceremony of every bride's dream. To view a more dramatic shoreline, consider heading to The Baths, perhaps the single most popular destination on Virgin Gorda. A haphazard spill of massive limestone boulders rest in the aqua water and along the shore, creating a series of grottos, caves, and areas perfect for exploration (or wedding photographs!) For the same awe-inspiring boulders without the crowds (visitors travel from across the island and even from other Caribbean locations to see The Baths), head to beautiful Spring Bay, with convenient picnic tables and grills for a casual post-ceremony atmosphere.

Of course, the small amount of facilities, cities, and businesses create some challenges in planning your Virgin Gorda destination wedding. For the majority of outdoor venues beyond hotel properties, the couple must supply anything they need. A wedding coordinator proves very useful in these types of situations, as they provide resources and ideas you may not think of on your own. However, if you come with a large wedding party or prefer a bit more comfort during your destination wedding, you may want to check into one of the beachfront hotels. Locations such as the Bitter End Yacht Club, the Rosewood Little Dix Bay Resort, and Biras Creek Resort offer luxury accommodations with an entire range of wedding services, including packages, coordinators, music, florists, photographers, and more. In addition to eliminating planning stress, they also offer a range of beautiful locations for your wedding ceremony, with both indoor and outdoor destination wedding venues. Not only can you marry right on the nearby beach, the hotel planners also assist with extra romantic touches and in planning a beautiful follow-up reception. The hotels also offer honeymoon packages, perfect for unwinding after your wedding ceremony. Relax at the spa, partake of some water sports and hiking through Virgin Gorda's hills, or spend some time exploring all the beaches scattered across the island!

Couples come to Virgin Gorda for a variety of reasons - to revel in the beautiful landscapes, to simply slow down and enjoy each other's company, and to hold destination wedding ceremonies in one of the most stunning locations in the Caribbean. If you crave peaceful settings and intimate privacy in a true paradise, look no further than a Virgin Gorda destination wedding.

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